Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Would You Do with a Do Over?

By Trish Ryan

A few weeks ago, I read my friend Allison Winn Scotch's latest novel, The Song Remains the Same, and I've been thinking about it ever since.  The story is about a woman named Nell who is one of two survivors of a plane crash.  She loses her entire memory and is left with an interesting decision to make:
Does she want to know about her former life, or is this a great chance to start over?

What captivated me was how Nell optimistically assumes that her forgotten life must have been vibrant and sophisticated, one in which she enthusiastically tackled the opportunities and challenges that came her way.  But as others reveal bits of the truth, she sees that how she was living before was less, well, alive than what she might have hoped.

It's had me wondering:  If I lost my memory, how would I feel about my life if given the opportunity to view it from a detached distance? Would it be a picture I'd long to re-inhabit, or would I toy with the idea of leaving some parts behind and starting fresh? (And would I think, as Nell did, "At the very least I should be wearing brighter colors...")

This lead me to a more important question:  For items in the second category (and I suspect most of us have them), what can I do OTHER THAN surviving a plane crash to move toward the life I'm called to live, the one that feels as close to "I can't wait to get back to it!" as is possible here on earth?

I do think brighter colors play a role.  And perhaps focusing on quality rather than quantity (in everything from shopping to friendships).  And the gym. I'm a happier girl when I run off my stress rather than letting it pile up around my neck and shoulders.  These are simple things, and yet...

It's fun to consider, this idea of a declaring a do-over. If you're looking for more inspiration, Donald Miller is writing some incredibly thoughtful stuff about living a better story over at his blog.  It has me wondering what this looks like (what is the same, what is different) from a female point of view?  And how this plays out across time as we move through different seasons?

Thoughts?  What would you do with a do-over?


André L. Jenkins said...

Great thoughts Trish! Ths is something that crosses my mind from time to time. I mostly think about the relationships from my past, especially the ones that didn't end well. I realize that not all relationships will end well but I've come to the conclusion that I want to make sure I've done all I can do on my end. I can only control me and my actions and/or reactions. So, with my do over, I would end relationships on better terms. If the other party is unwilling then I can rest easier knowing I've done my part.

Trish Ryan said...

Great point, Andre. This is one of the areas where it can be so challenging to trust God - that He is a God of restoration, but everything happens in His time and way, not our own. You're right in pointing out how helpful it is to rest in the knowledge that you've done all you can! Thanks for commenting :)