Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My June Mission, inspired by Kristen Wiig

By Trish Ryan

I FINALLY saw the movie Bridesmaids last night.  Hilarious.  (But then again, you knew that already...I am WAY late to this party.)

My favorite scene wasn't the funniest, actually... it was the one where Kristen Wiig's character is on the plane with the bridal party, headed for Vegas.  She's not a great flyer, so at mean-girl Helen's suggestion, she takes two pills of who-knows-what, then chases them with a giant glass of Scotch.

(Don't worry...that's not what made me love the scene!)

After chemical happiness kicks in, Kristen practically floats up to first class where the rest of the bridesmaids are...and makes quite an idiot of herself.  But BEFORE the idiocy ensues, there are a few moments where she just looks so...relaxed.  Relaxed like surfers in California, or a toddler asleep in his plate of spaghetti.  Her arms are flowy and loose, rather than tense; her face is open and smiling.  She looks almost rubbery -- so flexible and easy-going that nothing could possibly harm her.

I could use a little of that.

My city is not exactly a hub of mellow. If scientists found a way to measure furrowed brows & shoulder tension across populations, I bet Cambridge would rank up toward the top worldwide.  It's a wonderful quality in some ways (it's fun living in a place where so many people are thinking about so many issues, solutions, and possibilities).  But when I saw Kristen Wiig flapping through first class like she hadn't a care in the world, I'll admit it: I was jealous.  I wanted what she had. (Only without the narcotics, the gallon of heavy liquor, or the hangover...)

How does one achieve such a thing?

I'm not into yoga (Tried it...disaster).
I don't do drugs.
I love massages but they don't have much staying power.

The Bible tells us over and over again how God gives his people peace and rest.  But it's kind of vague about the specifics. So I'm on a mission this month (June seems perfect for this, no?) to figure out how to relax.  (If you have suggestions, let me know!)

Hopefully I'll be embarrassing myself in first class by the end of the summer :)


LizKravitz said...

Love this Trish! I also strive for relaxation – and sometimes find it hard to find. So busy, so much to do…my thoughts are that different seasons call for different methods (with God). Maybe that's why there's no recipe in the Bible??
I think for me, relaxation pops up in the least likely of places, those places that look like work. In some seasons it's serving, some it's going for a run with God and others it's just knowing that God is with me in whatever moment I'm in. Being in God's creation (nature) is also helpful for me. I also yearn for that relaxation - it usually comes when I'm just walking in tune with God. Can't wait to see what you discover (so I can borrow it!) :) .

Elizabeth@LongToLove said...

Trish, I LOVE this post!! It made me want to relax and watch Bridesmaids all over again. I love your June Mission! Keep us posted!

Andrea said...

I think the search for relaxation is kind of like what I read in "Freakanomics" surprisingly:: If you are the type of person who searches for something (peace, tranquility, calmness, relaxation - whatever one chooses to call it) then you are already on your way to owning it. About 8 months ago I realized that my house was in a state of unrest and unquiet (4 year old attending preschool and needed to leave at 8pm everyday with lunch!) and our mornings were rushed and tense. I made a big change in our lives by getting up, reading the Bible, writing about what I read, and asking for moments when I could choose peace instead of confrontation. It just about changed my life. Good luck!

Trish Ryan said...

Love these suggestions! Wondering if part of it is noticing when I am relaxed? Thanks for helping me think about this!